How to Remove K9 Web Protection without Password?

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection is a well known free software that is primarily aimed at blocking undesirable websites and limiting internet access. You can block a particular website or a group of websites. You can also block some or all website categories such as social networking, gambling, hacking, adults arena and more.

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection is a small software application that is installed on a computer and then it blocks all predefined set of online content and also logs all Internet activity and history.

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection is a very handy and useful application and we strongly recommend it for internet filtering and protecting yourself online. It’s very useful for Parents and System Admins. It makes web browsing suitable for children at home, employees at office and students at college and library.

How to Remove K9 Web Protection without Password?
How to Remove K9 Web Protection Without Password?

NOTE: I may refer “Blue Coat K9 Web Protection” as “K9 Web Protection” or “K9 protection” or just “K9”. They all are same.

Why I am sharing these K9 Web-Protection Hacks ?

Do I simply want you to remove K9 Web Protection? No!! Don’t remove that Blue Coat K9 Web Protection software from you PC as it protects you online and make online browsing safe and comfortable.

  • These Blue Coat K9 removal hacks are only for someone who has got it installed on his personal computer by someone else (friend or partner).
  • If  K9 Web Protection comes pre-installed on your PC and most websites are blocked. You may have to enter password each time you visit a blocked website.
  • If ex-employee or system admin had installed it on office PC and you can’t even access emails and essential websites.

What will you do if you don’t have the K9 password and urgently needs to access something online? Will you compromise with the situation? Don’t allow someone to store your Internet activity logs.

NOTE: Even if you are system admin, you need K9 Web Protection password before you Uninstall it. It’s irritating and very disturbing if you are not a minor. Therefore I am going to provide few methods to hack remove K9 Web Protection without password and system admin privileges.

Method 1> Simply Bypass K9 Web Protection 

If you don’t want to permanently remove K9 Web Protection but wish to visit all blocked websites then this method is for you. The quick temporary solution is to use proxy website or proxy server to connect to blocked website.

A proxy website is a website that that plays a middle-man role and connects you to any website, you request the middle-man (which is not blocked for you) to access blocked content and the middle-man (i.e. proxy website) provides you the required stuff.

Use Proxy Website List:  Access Blocked Websites with Proxy Websites List.

* If you wish to permanently remove K9 Web Protection from your PC, you have to delete all its files. Unfortunately, any PC don’t allow to delete any running software and its active files. K9 Web Protection gets alive from the very first moment when your session is created. You can’t simply stop or delete it, head over to following methods.

Method 2> Boot in Safe Mode & Get Rid off K9 Web Protection

Boot your computer system in safe mode. Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that put your computer in a limited state. Only the basic files and drivers necessary to run Windows are active and therefore K9 Web Protection won’t run there.

Now you can remove K9 web protection by deleting its folder from C:\program files\Blue coat.  then restart your computer in normal mode and you just got rid of K9 Web Protection.

Safe mode steps: Go to “start” > “Help and Support” or just press F1 on desktop and search “Start your computer in safe mode”.

* If your are lazy or unable to find safe-mode boot menu then there is a not recommended shortcut, just power off your system without shutting down you PC. On next boot up you’ll be at the Advanced Boot Options where you can hopefully switch to safe mode option.

Method 3> Modify – Move – Rename or Remove K9 Files

Go to C:\program files\blue coat k9 web protection\ and delete as many as files you can delete, rename them or move them. Rename “K9 Filter.exe” to “K9 filter.AnyName” so that the executable no more remains an executable file (.exe).

Now, goto C:\windows\system32\drivers  it may be D: (root directory of windows, or any other drive). You must locate to ..\windows\system32\drivers. Now look for the “bckd.sys” file and move this file to a different folder then Restart the your Computer System.

After restart, delete the remaining K9 files and other folder from C:\program files\blue coat k9 web protection\ and now you can enjoy unrestricted browsing.

Method 4> System Restore & Remove K9 Web Protection Software

System Restore is a utility in Windows systems that helps to restore a computer system to a previous state. It’s a way to undo system changes to our computer without affecting our personal files, such as e‑mail, documents or any photo.

Now you have to restore your system to a date prior than when K9 Web Protection was installed and then you may get rid of K9 Web Protection.

* Most antivirus software and windows system update creates a restore point before they are installed.

Win 7 : Go to Start > all programs > accessories > system tools > restore system

Win XP : Start > run and paste the command  %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe

Method 5> Trick K9 Web Protection and Become BOSS

Visit and fill the  License Request with your information (valid email address necessary) and request it. Check your email, you’ll have a license with instructions there, follow it. Download K9 Protection and run it, enter license and now K9 is pwned. Configure it and enjoy.

Method 6> Get Linux and Remove Everything

This is the best method and will surely work. Get a live USB stick or Linux live CD. Run the Linux Distro on your machine (Linux don’t needs to be installed to run) and locate K9 Web Protection folders and files. Delete all files there.

* Linux is free to use and download, you can create your own live USB stick in minutes. Linux is an Operating System, when Linux will be running on your system, all other OS will stay inactive so do whatever you like.

Download Puppy Linux (150 MB approx.) or any of the 1000+ Linux available distribution.

Download Linux Live USB creator (helps making USB bootable):

Method 7> Sell or Destroy your PC!

Finally, if you’re unsuccessful and you have got your whole internet blocked by K9 Web Protection, you can just sell or destroy your PC.


Now let me know, how you’re going to Remove K9 Web Protection without Password? Did you got Success? Share you experience with us.

18 thoughts on “How to Remove K9 Web Protection without Password?

  1. This is just wonderful, no more of that dang dog showing up when ever i need to go on facebook or youtube.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. My friend’s parents installed K9 on *HIS* computer. Next time I come to his house I’ll bring a printed copy of this page and kill that dog for good.

  3. @dsfsfd @christopher

    You are right, not all the tricks work but you have to find out which one works for you.

    To get rid of k9 web protection you can use proxy websites (if not restricted) or you have to remove it’s working elements / files.


    Glad to know that you get rid of k9 protection. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Nice tutorial, now I discovered solution to avoid this.
    1) Implement the CPU case padlock (IBM/Lenovo CPU usually have little part to enable the CPU casing to be locked)
    2) Intalled just reboot card (restores everything after reboot)
    3) Set user as “Limited User”
    4) Install K9 Web Protection
    5) Install antivirus & firewall.
    6) Do some policy editting in secpol.msc

    There you go….

  5. Hi Himanshu

    I love the way you justify what you’ve done by saying that the tutorial’s use is for those situations where ‘someone else’ has installed K9 on a computer. What you’re really doing is helping to allow innocent children to fall prey to the dangers of the internet, whilst prevent parents and caregivers from protecting those in their care.

    K9 (and similar softwares) are not meant as “big brother” tools to limit the rights of individuals, but to help parent protect those they care about.

    Perhaps you should consider what might occur if someone you care about uses YOUR instructions to bypass protection and then falls prey to the perils of the internet. How would you feel then?

  6. @Jason

    I agree with you Jason but if you will search the web a little more you will get these tips listed on other sites and forums too. Believe me K9 is a pain when someone installs it on our computer and you don’t find the way to remove it.

    You had mentioned dangers of the internet, please use anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall on your computer they will protect you from real dangerous. K9 only prevents you visiting particular type of websites like social-networking (facebook, twitter, g+), hacking, adult .

    Ok I will display a message for children to not to remove k9 protection because it’s for their welfare.

  7. Hi Himanshu,

    I deleted the Blue Coat folder using Safe Mode and also delete the registry values and now facing bigger problem…
    K9 has blocked all internet access, i even cant access google 🙁 🙁

    1. oh… Amit Rathore,

      Sometime it happens, k9 blocks complete Internet access or may be it was due to incorrect/inappropriate registry changes. You should try removing all files of k9 from your system or try cleaning computer for temporary files, cache & cookies, system restore may also help or otherwise if nothing works install the system again with fresh windows 🙂

  8. …well, f*** !

    I can’t even click on the link to access proxy websites….k9 is blocking it !

    Can anyone help me here?

    By the way, I cant refresh the computer cause I need an password for that…

    1. Well Jóhannes, If you’re unable to bypass it, try some other methods or else remove/change your windows (operating system).

  9. I bypassed it without even remembering it was there. I started dual-booting linux at the time. My parents didn’t know I did. My windows stopped working after resize, so I copied my files with linux and used the oem restore to reinstall windows. And before you say anything about removing from my parents, they had so many of the settings set, advertisements were blocked, and it was set to disallow the Internet for 1 day if I got blocked 5 times in 5 minute (which is one site because of the twitter icons, many ads, etc. ).

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